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Bible Studies

Bible Information Class

 Leader: Pastor Spiegelberg
Saving Grace
1500 Snow Road South
Mobile AL 36695
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Meeting Day(s): Tuesday
Meeting Time: 6:30 PM
This series is titled Christianity: The Very Least Every Believer Ought to Know

At Saving Grace Lutheran Church we want people get to know Jesus Christ better.  That desire prompted us to design a very special series of classes that provide down to earth, practical instruction about who Jesus is, what he’s done for us, and what he would have us do.  People usually have many of their own spiritual questions they’d like to ask.  That’s why we built these 12 classes to give you time to ask those questions, and get God’s answers from the Bible!

We’ve been asked, “Who should attend Bible Information Class?”  Our response is, “Who shouldn’t?!”  Let us explain.  The classes are designed to be simple enough for someone who is brand new to Christianity to be able to learn and understand what Christianity is all about.  So if you know someone who doesn’t know anything about Jesus or about the Bible or about Christianity (or maybe someone who has a basic idea of Christianity but their understanding is quite limited at this point) these classes are ideal for any-one and everyone who fits that description.  These classes also benefit people who have a deeper knowledge of Christ and Christianity too.  It’s a great “refresher” on the foundational truths of Christianity as well as an interactive way to explore in more depth just how those truths apply to our everyday lives.

One more thing.  We want to get to know you better and find out how we can better serve you and your spiritual needs.  These classes are designed with that in mind too.  We look forward to getting to know you better as we study God’s Word together.  The classes are open to e
veryone.  We hope you’ll join us.  Classes usually run about 90 minutes.  If you would like to attend, please let us know  at 251-639-4621 or savinggracexo@gmail.comThe next series starts 15 January 2019.

In Class we cover the following Topics:

Concerning God                                                               

Is There a God                                                     

What does the Bible Say about God                               

 Concerning Sin & Grace                  

The Fall into Sin                                                  

The Consequences of Sin                                 

The Law & the Gospel                                        

Our Savior                                         

The Person of Our Savior                                  

The Humiliation & Exaltation of Our Savior   

The Value of Our Savior’s Life & Death          

 The Holy Spirit                                  

Who Is the Holy Spirit?                                       

What Does the Holy Spirit Do?                         

Questions for Discussion                                    

The Sacraments – Baptism             

What Is a Sacrament?                                        


Answers to Common Questions about Baptism 

The Lord’s Supper                           

What Is the Lord’s Supper?                               

Questions Regarding the Lord’s Supper         

The Origin of the World                   

Where Did the World Come From?              

The Law                                             

The First Table of the Law                                                

The Second Table of the Law                          


The Keys                                            

What Are the Keys                                              

The Public Use of the Keys                               

Church Discipline                                             

The Holy Christian Church             

What Is the Holy Christian Church?                                

What Is a Christian Congregation?                 

How Should I Choose a Congregation?         

Some Notes on Church Fellowship                 

Man & Woman                                   

God’s Will Regarding Marriage                       

Marriage & Divorce                                             

The Role of Man & Woman                

Assorted Topics       - A                  

The Last Things                                                  

Bible Study & Prayer                                                                                       

Assorted Topics – B                         

Principles of Worship                                         

The Church Year                                                 

Introduction to Lutheranism                               

Church Membership